Surprised no one offers

To snap up ‘firesales’ from around New Eden.

I know they’re normally picked up in the region locally - but when areas are burning or people are in a rush to leave I’m surpised there isn’t an investor who offers, say, 80% Jita Buy value via evepraisal if the capital/mods/battleships/whatever else goes on the list is contracted to them…

I honestly thought this would be a thing… so just saying :slight_smile:
Have a nice night all o/

How do you know there is none? What’s going on in the nullsec markets is not visible for outsiders. But feel free to offer a service.

You’ve never heard of the cleaning lady, granted haven’t seen them bump their post in a while.

Too much effort for little return.

It happens. Unfortunately, if you’re not a part of the people “moving in” for that area, you’re going to be without that stuff for nearly 3 weeks at worst anyways.

Experimented with doing this (mostly fitted capitals from players whose organisations had been evicted from null), it was not worth my time.

It’s usually materials and subcaps that you can find the more worthwile deals on. With the “death” of outposts though, it’s a bit harder to find the good deals.

there is profit to be made doing this but a lot of the time you end up with stuff that won’t sell for 2 years

Your banking on people who are losing items in player owned stations not to be retards?

They are dumb to be in the position in the first place, they are dumb to list assets 115% Jita prices in contracts & 110% local price and CCP is dumb to offer such stupidly low contract list price’s. You are dumb for browsing contract market looking for bargains.

Until CCP introduces sensible fee’s for contract system say 15% commission (which is more or less real life fee’s then CCP’s system will always be full of junk).

TL;dr We need 15% at least fee’s on public contract listings.

tldr everyone is dumb

Why not, out of curiosity? What kind of return would you see? (and turnaround times?)

My experience with the few times I tried were that the turnaround time was huge and a good deal of the value was tied up in fitted rigs which are hard to sell.

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I agree, contracts needs some looking at specifically the fees portion. Afaik, CCP stays away from it because it’s such a convoluted codebase that any changes would probably break something else.

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