WANTED: Firesale services

There used to be people that would buy up old/unused ships/items for -X% jita price. Anyone still doing this?

I’ll buy nearly anything, in any amount, depending on where it’s located (no null sec or known pirate systems).

There are some exceptions, mostly based on item volume vs. price (Not going to buy 1000 station containers 10 jumps from nowhere).

If you sent me a list, I could give you a price quote.

I have an absolute ass ton of ■■■■ that I am trying to sell well below Jita Price. Interested?

Yep. Send me a list of items and their locations.

umm its about 15 BIL worth of ■■■■ strewn across 14 years of gameplay I could just start contracting things to you at 80% Jita?

Well, at the least send me a list of locations. There are some locations I won’t pick up from. Otherwise, I don’t care what it is or how much of it there is.

Alternatively, contract the stuff to me and I’ll just reject the contracts from locations I won’t go to.

80% of Jita sell is fine.

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