WTS 'Draccous' Fort Jita Split

As in title, freshly stolen, jita split. Caldari lowsec.

I’ll throw up a contract shortly to “Achura Deteis” thanks.

Take it also

Contracts up, if not accepted in 24 hr it will fall through to Toobe should he still want it :slight_smile:



Contract was not accepted, being contracted to To0bE now should he still want it.

Contract it to me if he doesnt take (or make a public contract)

Gotcha, ill give him a fair chance to accept it as well, then ill pass it on again if so xD

This fort is for sale again, still for jita split.

Do you have a separate alt I can contract it to should you still want it Vi’ra, I can’t find your character ingame to save my life.

And naturally wanting to avoid the public tax on contracts.


what is the jita split price?

When I checked there was a buy for 400-450mil and sell for 42-43bil. Does that mean the price is 22bil? If so contract to me.

Current sell orders are 44b, buy orders 36b, that would put the midpoint at 40b.

40b is the current price i’m after.

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Figured it was off which is why I asked.

If all other offers fail i’ll accept it for 37.5

Can understand the confusion, but yeah, id rather just sell to a buy order if i was gonna dip as low as 20 bil lol…

Did an evepraisal which had some skewed results. Anyways if you’re interested id definitely do 38bil

Offer taken on board for now, if i get no offers for 40b by the time my next day off comes around ill throw you a contract.

contracts going up.

Apologies I misread your forum post. could you move it to Jita?

Fraid not sorry, I don’t like moving expensive stuff further than LS. Do I assume no sale? Cheers.