Cap parts for sale

Appraisal PrAZQh @ Jita 4-4 split: 33,432,090,000.00 ISK | Janice i have a contract in game for them asking 33b take it or leave it not negotiating

And they are located where?

look up the contract

Yeah found it, so “leave it” is the correct answer.

up to you i have had those part for years they can sit for however long and rot for all i care

I offer 25bil

if you want to accept the contract ill send you the remainder isk back (no i wont)

Its ok, give it time and he will realize this is the only real offer hes gonna get on this. asking 33b for this just will turn this post into a meme.

i dont need to sell it would be nice to sell but i dont need to so the only offer im gonna get is the one i want, even if i have to wait another ten years im in it for the long haul

10 years of public contract fees would beg to differ XD

meh im not hurting

in fact since im farther from jita i should charge more but im not going to


bump for love

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