PRICE check please nyx/Erebus

(KayGreat 113) #1

Did some skill refining to put back on market. wanna see interest

(British Person Wierdox) #2

Bid retracted.

(Tekilaman) #3

considering it cant use weapons 29b

(KayGreat 113) #4

its 42 mill sp, titan sb so would want 40

(KayGreat 113) #6

Only thing it doesn’t have is cap guns. Armour skills are almost perfect, most drone skills are too.
It was a specialtist super toon that’s gone to titan.
I know around about valueD just seeing what others would want it for.
Go try and underbid elsewhere.

(KayGreat 113) #8

A week of training ans it means I should bio mass or under sell for 10bill, aha okay,

(KayGreat 113) #10

You say that but I do trade often, not usually caps. Usually also laugh when people like yourself go “this minor thing is wrong so it’s worth next to nothing”
So let me laugh as you call me obnoxious for disagreeing with you.

(Very Bazaar Character) #11

38bil for a good super/carrier pilot

(KayGreat 113) #12

Thank you, I’ll keep up for a couple more to see where I sit :slight_smile:

(KayGreat 113) #13

If anyone wants me i shall sell for 38 :slight_smile:

(Very Bazaar Character) #14

Isk and account sent

(KayGreat 113) #15

Im out at the moment, ill be home in about an hour or 2. Ill start the Xfer then Thank you

(Very Bazaar Character) #16

Thanks, will you use Plex or cash transfer? No problem either way.

(KayGreat 113) #17

Plex, as I don’t get paid till Thursday week!

(KayGreat 113) #18

whats your acccnt name mate?

(Very Bazaar Character) #19

Evemailed you in game, am online now

(system) #20

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