[Sold] WTS Focused 10.2M SP Trade Alt with unspent SP


200k unspent SP
3,25Mil SP in trade
Cyno V
Cloaking V
Jumpclones gallore

Got some fancy implants

you can extract whatever you dont want or train into things, you’ll probably never need to buy a book ever again (combined book value alone saves you a few bil over a lifespan)

Positive wallet
No kill rights
Positive status

Kicking off at 10Bil
Good offer = firesale
Lowballs = blueballs

Happy bidding

it has 9 mil sp its not anywhere near worth 10 bil with current sp. ill offer you 7 vil to start you

Lol u blind

not at all the skills that are there are so spread out and just horrible the pilot is worth 7.1 and thats being super genny

offer retracted

thx for the bump

I’ll offer 7.5B


Love me


8.0 bil

will contact you.

Actually, lets go.
Offer accepted, send isk + acct info to me & I’ll start transfer right away.

Great. Will do when I get home after work in like 5 hours.

ISK and account details sent.

Isk + acct received, character transfer started.

Mail confirmation received. Thank you!

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