[Sold] WTS Focused 10.2M SP Trade Alt with unspent SP


(Athena Alea) #1


200k unspent SP
3,25Mil SP in trade
Cyno V
Cloaking V
Jumpclones gallore

Got some fancy implants

you can extract whatever you dont want or train into things, you’ll probably never need to buy a book ever again (combined book value alone saves you a few bil over a lifespan)

Positive wallet
No kill rights
Positive status

Kicking off at 10Bil
Good offer = firesale
Lowballs = blueballs

Happy bidding

WTB Trading toon
(El Cuco) #2

it has 9 mil sp its not anywhere near worth 10 bil with current sp. ill offer you 7 vil to start you

(Athena Alea) #3

Lol u blind

(El Cuco) #4

not at all the skills that are there are so spread out and just horrible the pilot is worth 7.1 and thats being super genny

(El Cuco) #5

offer retracted

(Athena Alea) #6

thx for the bump

(Skir Melkan) #7

I’ll offer 7.5B

(Athena Alea) #8


(Athena Alea) #9

Love me

(Josh Shihari) #10


(Zapp McKracken) #11

8.0 bil

(Athena Alea) #12

will contact you.

(Athena Alea) #13

Actually, lets go.
Offer accepted, send isk + acct info to me & I’ll start transfer right away.

(Zapp McKracken) #14

Great. Will do when I get home after work in like 5 hours.

(Zapp McKracken) #15

ISK and account details sent.

(Athena Alea) #16

Isk + acct received, character transfer started.

(Zapp McKracken) #17

Mail confirmation received. Thank you!

(system) #18

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