[SOLD] WTS 10.6kk SP Character


1.8kk SP unallocated, can’t fly anything all SP in support skills, started him as a template. Nice name (subjectively), 2010 year of birth.

NPC Corp.
Positive Wallet.
Located in Jita, has 1 jump clone, both clones has some stat imps (see link).
No kill rights.

Looking for a price higher than extracted SP, so please bid if you want the toon and not to suck his brain.

6b offer?

Not bad start, thanks. I’ll let it hang for some time to see if it get some more replies, if you don’t mind.

7 Bill

Will accept 7b offer. Let me know if you are still up for it.

sending isks and ingame mail with details

isk and account info sent ingame.

ISK received, transfer initiated.
Thanks, fly safe.

thank you too mate!

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