WTS 22m sp Minmatter pilot


Focussed Minmatter pilot
Skill points 22,229,000
Sec status 2.1
Pos wallet
No kill rights
In NPC corp

Assault frigs lvl 5
Minmatter tactical destroyer lvl 5
Minmatter cruiser lvl 5
Minmatter sub systems all lvl 5
Gunnery 5.3 m sp
Shileds 3.5 m sp

Start bids at 15 B. Buyout 20 B.

11bil buy out. isk in hand

What about “start bids at 15 B” dont you understand?

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15b, ISK ready.

15.5 bil



16 bil

Thank you.
In 2 days I will sell, till now you have the highest bid.

1 day left.

16.5b sell it to me

Selling in a few hours. If you still want it, transfer can happen quickly. Then you should transfer isk and give your transfer info.

will give 16Bill if that falls through

Sure it does. You know the dril? I ll be back in an hour to transfer.

Ok, iSK sent

and acc mail

Ok, done.
Its comming your way.

thank you

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