WTS Erebus pilot 29m sp


Only bus skills, no killrights

Clone with hg amulet

27b start
38b bo

mark, 27b


27.5b bid


You won, waiting for isk and account name.

Guy dissapeared, so we continue auction.

Daily bump

28b bid

Buy this toon and dominate over today introduced shield-slaved titans.

30B ready

31b bid


Can you please bid 31.3b and i sell it to you instead of autistic jita 0.01 trader?

Was about to say lol, 31.3b is fine

Accepted, waiting for isk and account name.

Isk and information sent

Received, petition for transfer using plex is created. Ill write here when i will get answer from GM about succesful transfer.

Im not left with your isk, but support still silent. Sorry for a long waiting.

I heard some transfers have been slow yeah :confused: gotta wait a bit longer I guess