WTS Raiju

Hello, I have a Raiju for sale in Jita.

Raiju: 160 Bil

Still for sale. Feel free to make offers

Still selling. No offers received so far

Contract for the Raiju is up to Achura. Much appreciated

Just so you know, all that character does is bid on peoples items on this forum with no intention of accepting the contract. Your contract to them will sit for two weeks until it expires. I would entertain other offers in the meantime.

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Yep, I’ve seen it and thanks. It appears they occasionally buy something so I put it up. Appreciate you looking out. Everyone else, its for sale until its not :slight_smile:

Still for sale. Feel free to drop an offer

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The Laelaps has sold. Still selling the Raiju. Open to offers

130b offer

Sorry, 130 is too low. I can make it 155 for you though

Eve mailed u

Still for sale

135 b

No thanks. Lowest I’ll do is 145

Edit: Retracting Offer.

■■■■ it. Life is too short. I’ll contract it to you in a couple hours

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Ship is still for sale

130B offer. Isk ready and I accept contracts fast :slight_smile:

Contract it to me for 130B please and send me an eve mail and I will log in and accept.