WTS Laelaps - All Sold - Thanks for buying!

Hey everyone, the Boundary Experts AT Team is selling our stock of Laelaps.

All have been sold, thanks for buying.


Unfortunately we are currently sold out of the Raiju and will only be selling the Laelaps externally.

Have a good one!


200b offer for Laelaps

Prices are firm

To the top, 4 still up for sale.

Four available still, EVE-Mail or Discord works best.

2 Laelaps available

220B ?

Prices are firm, thanks for the offer though.

210b offer

250B contract me

Contract up, will update numbers in thread once it is accepted

Buyer backed out.

2 for sale still.

Have two around still, available in Jita

Have some left

Buy today

have 2 available in Jita

Buy now!

Up for sale


200 b offer