WTS Laelaps and Skins

Selling Laelaps, 215b each in Jita 4-4.

Also selling Triumphant Victory Skins - Barghest, Orthrus and Garmur 6b for a set.

Send me a mail ingame.


Laelaps 215B please give me the contract

216b wtb lealaps.

Lol nice thread necro before expiration! Especially considering that if Sara Baines is still in the market to sell a Laelaps, an easy price check on the last few sales on the forums would yield one sold for 230b+ a few weeks ago and one for sale at 250b right now (with a 230b offer).

230B WTB

Replying to a forum thread to which a simple eve mail would’ve worked and not bid the price up.

Still, selling? If so, l want to buy one just mail me or make a contract to me. Thx :D

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