450B ISK for sale Laelaps!!!I'm in a hurry

I am currently offering Laels for sale! The ship is presently located in JITA and does not provide transportation services. The buyer must remit no less than 450B ISK or no less than 91900PLEX for a ship adorned with 35 kill marks, which can be traded among characters possessing high skill points, at least 4.8E skill points that are exchangeable for other rare ships, or items valued at a minimum of 15% more than the aforementioned price. Any player interested may contact me via in-game email using the handle “flying416”.

Calm down, fellow capsuleer.

Don’t be so heated enough to create 3 posts of the same topic. I mean, you can wait for a day or two, see who gives the most bid unless you want to really sell fast because of some reason.

I mean, there are hackers selling off characters left and right and you have just joined the forums, so please slow down unless you want to get scammed or scam someone or sell off a Laelaps from a hacked account.

If it is none of the above, then ignore me and continue ahead. Good luck on the sale.

There is something wrong with my translation software, as you can see my last two articles are garbled… Stupid translation app.

This is my first time using the forum 23333 and strangely enough, I only hit send once.

Alright, then continue on. This is a good price for Laelaps at the moment. I wish I could buy it haha.

Offer 450b isks ready :grinning:

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emmmm, I don’t understand. I am selling Laelaps. Why do I need to prepare 450b

You want either? Maybe we can make a deal soon

This means i’m ready to buy it, you can contract it to me for 450b
Vicktor Bout

Only sales of In-Game items for In-Game ISK are permitted in this forum.

I want 460b to buy him