WTS Raiju (SOLD)

Located in Jita
First offer to be close enough to ~200B gets it.

Would 190 get it done?

Yeah probably. Do you have a time limit on this offer or can I leave the thread up a couple hours to see if anyone wants to get closer?

I’d like to know I’ve won but am currently at work so couldn’t accept contract for around 10 hours anyway.

I’ll keep the thread open till then but you got it once you’re home if no one else pipes up with a number above 200b

Ill offer 194

Hey mate, I am home and ready to accept.

Aight, goes to you Arulius since I want to hold my word. Contract up.

P.S Sorry Katarina I told the man it’s his if no one bid above 200. Thank you very much for your offer though. If you bid above 200b before he accepts the contract you can still get a Raiju :stuck_out_tongue:

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Accepted! THANK YOU!

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