Broker Fees in High Sec

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Over the weekend it seems like the majority of the player owned market trading citadels near Jita have increased their broker fee to 0.2% instead of 0.1%.

I know this is a small increase for a lot of people but it’s quite significant for people doing high value trading.

Anyways, I’m wondering if there are any market citadels within 2 jumps from Jita that are still offering the 0.1% broker fees that I may have missed when I was looking?

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If there are, they will certainly not advertise it here because HORDE will destroy them otherwise a couple of days sooner.

Also: Welcome to player owned markets. Expect the BFs to rise to the NPC station values over time. :slight_smile:

So is Horde the only big alliance with trading citadels near Jita?

If they rise to NPC station values then why would anybody use them? I was under the impression that the only reason people use player owned trading citadels was the low broker fees. I’m genuinely curious what other purpose they play in high sec near Jita.

As far as I know, HORDE dictates broker fees around Jita and subdues anyone’s market structures that would compete with them and have not previously reached an agreement.

My line was a bit exaggerated. They probably won’t go as high has the NPC broker fees, but more fee increases over time are very likely because this is extremely lucrative. The groups will likely gauge how much buy order offshorers are willing to pay. For market purposes, only the cheaper fees are really important. The fact that you can undock and can’t be scanned because of tethering is interesting for haulers.

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Their grip on hi sec won’t last forever.

I never thought about the tether, that’s a really good point actually.

I’m not sure what you mean by “looking”, but you can see the current broker fees at any time in the structure browser window. You can filter it to show all structures with market modules and sort them by broker fee, at least for your current region.

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Haha had no idea that was an option, first time actually using the structure browser. Thanks for that, it helps a lot.


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