Make NPC station markets more competitve

As it’s come to my awareness (with definitive proof) that a certain ISK multi-trillionaire market provider within many regions of New Eden is hiring a massive alliance (if not directly related to them) to forcibly eliminate all their market competition in High Sec, I’ve decided that I will now be using NPC stations instead for all my market orders.

The lowest you can get broker fees with any NPC station though is 2% .

I would like to suggest that it ought to be as low as 1% if not lower with appropriate standings.

Perhaps it can even be tied to the lowest rates that nearby player run markets are charging, yet still being a few tenths of a percent higher for someone with max standings.

In any event I’d rather give all my ISk away to NPCs than trash like the aforementioned person(s). So increase to 5% if you want, I stand by my principles.

Still, CCP should be more considerate to those who do and make NPC stations be more competitive. Unless you have some other plan to take down the one Eve market provider that intends on eliminating ALL the competition and becoming the sole market provider of Eve (Eve Walmart if you will).

No other large Null Sec alliances seem inclined to get involved in High Sec player market politics. And even if they did, we’d have player markets constantly going down, interrupting our ability to place and change market orders, and then completely cancelling them when a citadel is destroyed.

… the entire point was for player markets to be significantly superior as it should be in all areas of eve.

if you want to be petty you’re going to have to pay the 2%


You mean if you don’t want to lose your head over the bovine waste that is going on with player markets all the time? :thinking: Especially now that you have to pay 15% asset safety tax for your goods even for in system transfers when your chosen citadel gets destroyed. The entire player market bovine waste in citadels is utter crap. Period.

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what’s that!?! there is risk to go with that reward!?!?! well i never CCP FIX THIS INJUSTICE

also there is no tax at all if you move it to another citadel in system only if you move it to a player station,

No, fix this bovine waste. If I want to lose my head and nerves over the rubbish of structures, I go to null sec or low sec. I don’t need this crap when I want to buy things in bulk to use against other players. And judging by the fact that neither Amarr nor Jita nor Dodixie have lost any popularity with sellers, you are wrong, not we. Matter of fact, Amarr and Jita have regained sellers from citadels after a short-lived excursion from some of them because next to no one was buying in their utterly insufficiently stocked locations.

And you are wrong again:

A new minimum asset safety recovery cost has been set at 0.5% of item value. This cost will be required to recover items from asset safety even if the recovery takes place in the same solar system

So, while it does not say 15%, this dev blog does not specify a maximum asset safety cost for in system transfers either.


If you want more safety, you have to pay the taxes for it. If you want more rewards, it will mean you are taking more risks.

Sounds like Eve working as it should. No need to change anything.

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Remove Asset Safety. Problem solved.

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That’s the point: You don’t get more rewards if you sell in citadels. :smile: Next to no one sells in big hub citadels because it is not economical as no one buy things there. The only things selling there are skill trading items and PLEX.

Working as it should, indeed. :slight_smile:

You do get more rewards as there is less taxes that you pay, meaning you get more isk in your wallet after the sale.

If you do not sell anything or enough, the lower broker fees are meaningless.

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For now, maybe. We will see what happens in the future.

NPC markets do not need a more competitive brokerage fee. The fact that they have maintained their dominance in spite of higher fees demonstrates that. Citadel markets give you choice - lower fees but higher risk. It’s working for some items - a significant portion of the PLEX and Injector markets have moved to citadels.

You pay a premium for the safety and convenience of using an NPC market and the current broker fee is half what CCP Ytterbium originally intended. If 2% is burdensome perhaps you should be reconsidering your business model.

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Why would you do this? It is cheaper to use their services than the NPCs, as was intended. Your act of spite won’t be noticed by anyone and only hurts you. It’s a bad game theory decision.

If CCP is truly serious about putting everything into the hands of the players, I think it is a time for another percent or two hike in NPC market fees. Clearly most trade still takes place in NPC stations and a larger price advantage is needed for players to move to the player-owned structures given their risks and downsides as compared to the ease and safety of NPC stations.

But still, if you hate it, and CCP’s player-driven vision for the sandbox that much, you should look up Gevlon Goblin and commiserate with him some. I imagine he would be happy to chat with a kindred spirit like yourself.

At least he got his prediction regarding market dominance in highsec right.

When you hand-over a multi-trillion business to players and make it so, that only the number of subcaps you bring to a fight decides the outcome of a citadel defense/attack, the outcome is not difficult to guess.

CCP will not do something about that, they did those changes on purpose to foster exactly this balance.


then why are there so many? i can think of two just next to jita

Because offshoring buy orders is a thing. But buy orders do not really put assets in the citadels, you cannot even sell things to citadel buy orders.

And those are the only things that moved out. Everything else moved back to Jita and Amarr after some experimentation phase.

Exactly. If its not worth it. Don’t do it.

Some people do sell enough and the citadel markets are working pretty well. Or at least for me they are.

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Yeah, I’m not using them anymore. I did use near exclusively the big guy in the market for my buy and sell orders, but would occasionally throw my market business to the smaller competitors when their rates were similar or it was otherwise more convenient for me. But then I found I couldn’t rely on them. As they would be attacked (and I’ve since found out BY the hired goons of the big guy), services would get disrupted.

I put in a lot of buy orders and I sooner-or-later I wouldn’t be able to update my orders. Then orders would disappear without me even being notified about it. In fact you get no notifications about what is going on with the market you are using while its being assaulted, let alone able to do anything about it.

Perhaps the growing resentment of this market dominator will get to the point that their markets will be brought down. So… screw it. It’s not worth it. Back to the NPCs for me. And if any fixes only help the giant bully and not the smaller competitors from being eternally shut down by the bully, that’s not going to bring me back.

I agree…

Well we havent seen any citadel trade hubs targeted for extinction yet… have we? I mean like, really taking down player markets… so what risk is there really? I mean unless the citadel you are trading is destroyed, your assets remain there, and will be sold over a period of time. I think lowering the tax in NPC stations will have little effect on the citadel markets, and we would see hardly any change in npc station vs citadel trade. Until said coalition or alliance declares war to the trade markets in high sec, I can’t presume much risk would exist for citadel traders. Most of the trade is still in NPC stations, and some items… the highest in demand items, that make the game go round, ie plex, skill injectors that moved to citadels will remain there, and compete with the rest of the items in the game, the player made item markets.