Market fees in player stations

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Came back to EVE trading after around 3 years of a break from the game… and all the additional fees and higher taxes killed me right away. Ouch. :smiley:

But I’m back from the clone bay and am considering optimizing my business to have at least some small profits. And so I’ve read about using player stations one jump away from trade hubs to create buy orders and save on taxes.

Tried it, and as far as I can see the only difference is that the Perimeter player station gives me a broker fee of 1%, and Jita 4-4 gives me 1,15%. Is it all? Or are there some additional fees/taxes that are lower and I just don’t see them right away? Or is this tip simply outdated?


Cant say much about player stations.

But broker relations and advanced broker relations will deal with broker fees and relist fees.

As far as reducing at npc stations, youll wanna look at raising standings with the corp/faction that owns the hub.

Thanks, I was trading for years before, the character has all the relevant skills and some ok-ish standings, well as ok-ish as I’m willing to grind :smiley:

1.15 is great for jita considering without standings its 1.5 and the lowest it can go is 1%.

United standings improvement agency can help with thr grind, but the further you go up the standings, the more expensive and harder it is.

So depending on how much you are moving and or where your standings are, it may be iffy if it would be worth it to check out our services

Yes. With max trade skills but zero standings it would be 1.5% and 1%.

There used to be a much bigger difference but it was reduced when the fees were changed.

The other expense you might be thinking of is Sales Tax: Trading - EVE University Wiki

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Good point, the sales tax did go up, with the lowest being 3% (i think) with accounting at 5

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