Omega Clone Broker Fee & Tax Rates at Perimeter TTT vs Jita 4-4

I’m an Alpha clone, with the changes in the past 2+ years to sales tax and broker fees, can someone that is an Omega clone tell me what the current max skills Broker Fee and Sales Tax rates are at Jita 4-4 and Perimeter TTT? I don’t have any standings with Caldari Navy, so just the best rates that Omega skills can get you in Jita.

I don’t want to change to Omega status just to find this out if the current rates aren’t worth it for my large sale.

Thank you for your help!!!

It’s almost same now. Just 0.5% less broker fee at TTT (broker relation IV)
So not much point of using TTT now.
Probably only for low volume/high prices things, like PLEX

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The standings doesn’t make much difference, I think its about 0.3%-0.5% (cant remember the exact amount) between my 2 chars one is 8 Caldari standings the other is -4 Caldari Standings.

I will double check later and update this post.

Train Accounting to Lvl 5.

Any idea when Vily will finally go bankrupt and close the store?

I’m barely think they close it anytime soon, but after CCP change the taxes - it become much less attractive for traders.

1.5% broker fee
3.5% sales tax

Standings can lower the broker fee from that, but the grind….

Fw is probably the fastest way to quickly get to 5 Standings, then sisters of eve epic arc some tag hand in’s bam decently high standings.

Standings do matter at NPC stations, at broker 5, your fee is 1.5% to lower it to 1% you would need corp and alliance at 10 each.

Surprisingly the negative standings will have a negative affect on your fees

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Thats why the USIA has an impeccable record for raising standings for corp and faction

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