Caldari Navy Standings

At what point do positive standings with Caldari Navy stop benefiting sales taxes at Jita 4-4?

like if you get standings up to 10.0 is it noticeable when they are already 6ish?

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When standings are at 10 (which is impossible due to rounding etc), your broker fees will be at 1.3% youll need state standings as well to get down to 1%

My current jita standings

Caldari navy standings

Caldari state standings

Broker fee

My amarr percentage is 1.35 due to amarr faction at 5. If i had it up to 10 it would be 1.2

Now, because my negative standings with gal/min
My fees are 1.7%

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Thank you - my navy are like 6~ and state 3~ and my broker fees are 1.36 so that gives me an idea of the grind/return


The higher you go the harder it gets. I work for USIA. We raise standings for others, and going for say 9.99 is just as hard as going 0 to 9. If you wanted to raise your corp to 8, we could do that.

Doing all your career agents can give you a boost to faction same as the SOE Arc. And if A: your faction was at 5.00 effective (which it isnt) you could do the caldari arc for a big boost.

Or B. If your Expert Distribution corp standings were at 5 effective you could do the arc.

Data centers, can also boost your faction

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