WTB caldari standing

I will buy Caldar Navi standings for my merchant.
I station trade in Jita 4-4 and would pay ISK for someone to improve my standings with Caldari Navy.
conditions and price indicate here or Skype - “izgoi-min”.

Capsuleers can’t share Faction standings even if we are in a same fleet, but if you’re talking about Caldari Navy(The corp which controls JIta 4-4), then we can talk about it.

I want to ask this; How much price per standing would be reasonable for you?

Unless things have changed since I last played, the easiest way to get Caldari State standings is to join FW and do missions.

When you get promotions to higher ranks in FW you get a sizeable increase in standings. It used to be possible to get decent standings in a couple of afternoons and I was able to manufacture and sell market alts with high standings which I could churn out very easily. I didn’t have to do the missions with the market alt, I just fleeted them, accepted a bunch of missions, used an alt to carry out the missions with the market alt just hovering about in the background.

An even easier method is just to buy an alt with high standings already done. Now you can buy skills rather than training them, it’s even easier, since you can just buy any old mission running alt with high standings and cook off the skills you don’t need and slap in the skills you do.

Paying someone else to do this for you is likely to be the most expensive and time consuming option and it’s only worth doing that if you are really attached to gaining the standings on your pre-existing character without doing the work yourself.

yes - need caldari navy standing/
2 kkk is good??

If I get 2B, how much standings should I share?

i must have 10 or 9++

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