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Hey guys quick question here. I want to make a trader alt in jita to do some station trading.I understood that it is advised to get my standings up before I start it.My question is that do I need good standings with BOTH Caldari Navy and Caldary as a faction to get the lowest tax?

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just caldari navy :slight_smile:

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Thanks :smiley:

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You’d only need to have good standing with Caldari Navy, if you only want to do trade in Jita trade hub, however if you want to do trading allover Caldari controlled space you will need Faction standing.

Your standing you have with a NPC Corporation only affects the business you do in their stations. While your standing towards Caldari State (Faction) will benefit you in any station that is controlled by a Corporation that is part of the Faction (Caldari State).

You will need between 7.0 and 8.0 to achieve the lowest tax possible.

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Thanks for the reply.But do these bonuses stack? I mean if I have 8.0 standing with Caldari Navy and 5 with Caldari state(idk the max for this) do I get the same tax as if I only had 8.0 with the Navy?

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You can read about standings here.

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Okay gotcha so for the best possible fee I need faction standings too

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Not sure if Faction standings is best option as it does take a hell of a lot longer to grind it than you would with just the Corp standing.

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I understand that, but I plan to trade with all my money so I would like to increase profit margin as high as I can

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Along with Caldari Navy you might want to do Emperor Family (Owner of Amarr trade hub) as well, I think you’d get the best margin from/between those two trade hubs or at least will have the quickest turnarounds.

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It also should be noted that the importance of standings for trading was dramatically lowered with the Citadel release two years ago. The mechanic is still there, but it only reduces your broker free from 2.5% to 2.0% at max standings. This has much less of an effect on your total fees paid than before when you could reduce it to near zero with standings.

To get low fees now the way is to trade in a player-owned Market Hub in an Upwell structure. These fluctuate, but you routinely can get 0.1-0.3% fees, way better than NPC stations. You can even use ranged buy orders to purchase in NPC stations, including Jita itself, with a buy order set up in an citadel.

You can’t do this to sell, so if you want to sell in Jita it is still nice to have standings, but it is not as important to spend too much time on it in my opinion as it was before. Just getting some moderate standings with the Caldari Navy will have you paying 2.33% or so while grinding to 8+ will be like near 2.2% or a little lower if you get your Caldari high as well. Such a difference is barely noticeable in the market unless you are flipping the lowest margin items like PLEX but those are mostly traded in Market Hubs anyways.

You’ll make way more ISK flipping things on the market with moderate standings and offshoring (that is setting up buy orders in a citadel) then using that time (and we are talking dozens or hundreds of hours) to grind missions to get near perfect standings.

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Not sure why you got so many wrong answers here and nobody accurately answered your question, which is explained in the following help article:

As you can see, not only do BOTH corp and faction standings matter, but the effect of faction standings is greater than the effect of corp standings even if you’re only interested in a particular NPC corp.

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Thanks.Also another quick question , to every mission done for a corp in a faction will increase standings for that faction , right?

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Nope. Regular missions only boost standings for that agent and the agent’s corp. Faction standings can be boosted through storyline missions and a few other ways. Here is the definitive guide to raising and managing faction standings:

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Regular missions never increase faction standings. Haven’t checked whether it would actually answer your question, but you may learn more about missions here:


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So how do I find a story line mission? Or have I been running them and not know it? I just click the sidebar agent and then he sends me on my way. I know I’ve done way more than 16 in a row, cause sometimes a get that weird feeling “This all seems strangely familiar to me”

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Be sure to read through The Plan to get all of the details, but the short answer is that you will get a Storyline mission for every 16 missions that you run for each faction at a given level (i.e. 16 L4 missions for Gallente). You will get a notification that this has become available through an agent notification along the lines of " I am in need of your help for a special mission {CHARACTER NAME}"

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Wait, what!!! That’s what those emails were? Ack! I thought it was cause I was all popular and stuff, so I’ve been all diva like, “this CareBear doesn’t have time for you!” Ignore!
Well now I feel like a ding-dong.
Thanks, and I will definitely get going next time.

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Ha! Yeah, they are easy to miss if you don’t know what they are.


Storyline missions use what is called Derived Standing. That means while you will sometimes get some good rewards and they will bump your standings with the faction and ally that you are running them for, they will also damage your standing with the opposing faction and its ally. If you are not careful, you can badly tank your standing with the other factions.

So, think about accepting these or at least take a long view about how you are going to manage all of your standings with all the factions.

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