Does corporation standing affect Jita 44 tax?

Hello everyone,

I know that the brokers fee can be reduced with skills and NPC standings. However, the wiki says that

“Corporation standings contribute 2/3 of that of faction standings. Note that the unmodified standing is used for the calculation so skills that increase standings have no effect on broker’s fees.”

Does it mean corporation standing will affect brokers fee in Jita 44? Which corps affects it?

Caldari navy. It is the corp that is in station that controls taxes. So you have broker relations/caldari navy/caldari state.

Broker gets you to 1.5%. When at 10, caldari navy reduces that fee to 1.3%. When at 10, caldari state will reduce it to 1%.

I work for United Standings Improvement Agency (USIA) and for over 12 years we have been raising corp standings for pilots.

About a year ago, we started supplying faction standings.

Thanks man, a big help! I’d use your services but they seem too expensive for what it takes - I’ll grind on my own for now

You can also use a player station that has lower taxes perhaps? Perimeter is popular due to it also being quieter.

Unless you are making a considerable amount, hiring us to grind you to 10 isn’t worth it. Normally we recommend 5.0 corp

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