Question about standings for market sell orders

I’m hoping this is a nice easy one…

I’m looking at starting some industry jobs, with a view to selling the items at various trade hubs.

To try and maximise profit as much as possible I believe it is advisable to train the appropriate skills, but also have good standings with the corp and faction that own the station the sell orders are set from; so for Jita as an example that would be Caldari Navy and Caldari State.

What I can’t seem to find is anything that confirms what standing is needed with each in order to reduce the sales taxes as much as possible, is anyone able to confirm this for me?

Sales Tax is only impacted by the Accounting Skill.
Broker charges are reduced by the Broker Relations Skill(s) and your Faction and NPC Corporation Standings.

As usual, all the information is at Eve University (normally the first result on a Google search).

For lowest possible savings, you want “max” standings with both navy and state. But they are going by base standings, not effective, so the social skills do not impact the standings.

As mentioned above, broker relations, sales tax and advanced broker relations help some.

I am part of a service that we raise Corp standings only. While we cannot help raise faction standings, we can give you several avenues to do that yourself.

Thank you both for clarifying this for me, it is much appreciated.

I will tell you, i put max in quotes, because 10.0 base standings is neigh impossible, but we at the USIA can help with the corp standings as high as possible… ping us on our discord for more info if you’d like.

BTW, there are no broker fees at all when you set your sell or buy order to immediately.

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