Sales tax and other weird tax/thingy

trying to sell some junk from exploring, but even after I joined a 0% tax corp, I am still facing 8% tax and brokers fee? why is that?

The corporate tax rate applies to the bounty payouts for killing NPCs (and, I think, payouts that come from NPCs, like project Discovery, if that’s still a thing). It has no impact on the market costs.

You can reduce some of these taxes with skills or by having positive faction standings.

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To reduce fees, as mentioned above, youll want really great standings with the faction, and with the corp who runs the station. Example: jita 4-4 would be Caldari State faction, and Caldari Navy corp.

Theres also broker relations skill. Each level will lower your broker fee. At level 5, it lowers to 1.5%.

Sales tax is lowered by the accounting skill.

To avoid paying broker fees, instead of putting an order at 3 months, sell the item immediately.

Do keep in mind that if you sell to a buy order (sell immediately) you will almost always get less for your items than if you post your own buy order.

While you avoid the broker free, You should look at the numbers and decide what is best for that item and situation

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but the price is usually lower though cuz buy orders is much less

ok thx

so I need to grind caldari standings? just running missions or something?

Several options for that.
Corp standings high as possible reduce the broker fee by .2%
Faction reduces by .3%
Both when high as possible gives you the lowest broker fee at 1%

Option 1: grind missions (level 3 is a quick way since you can chain several together)

Doing the epic arcs (including the soe arc) can raise your faction standing significantly.

Storyline missions (get one after every 16 missions) raise faction standings, but also impact other factions negatively.

You can also pay to have your standings raised.
United standings improvement agency (USIA) have been raising standings for 13 years.

If interested in epic arcs, we can permanently unlock those.

how does that work?

can only do once every few months right?

so I just grind lv3 distribution missions and storyline?

how does that work?

im a bit confused rn about PVE cuz I never did any

By chaining together i mean doing 2 or 3 missions together.

Yes all the arcs are available every 90 days after the final mission is turned in.

Unlocking arcs permanently is by raising the standings with the corp starting the arcs.

With soe being a level one, you can start it anytime.

Caldari arc starts with an agent from expert distribution, so when that corp is at 5.00 effective, you can do the arc.

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