How to get the lowest taxes on Amarr?

I’ve been told that skills matter on this issue, but also been told to raise Emperor Family standing to 6.67, is this working this way or this’ changed somehow?

The formula governing brokers fees and taxes can be found here:

The following factors reduce your brokers fee:

  • Broker Relations skill (0.3% flat deduction per level)
  • Standings with the station owning corp (0.02% flat deduction per standing level) - In your case “Emperor Family Academy”
  • Standings with the station owning faction (0.03% flat deduction per standing level) - In your case the Amarr Empire
  • Finally, sales tax can be reduced from 5% to 2.25% by training the Accounting skill

If you are trading high volume, low margin items, the trading frictions can hurt - skills and standing really matter if your gross margins are single digit. You can improve margins by participating in additional links in the value chain - i.e. manufacturing and/or resource harvesting. You can also study the market cycles, position your product in the top half of the cycle and wait for the market to come to you. That requires patience but brokerage and taxes are incidentals that can be ignored if you’re making a comfortable profit on each sale.

So it’s not only corporation standing but also the faction standing? I heard the corp standing stop doing effect after 6.67, is that for real or it’s just a myth?

Corp standing of 6.67 will reduce reprocessing tax to 0 at NPC stations. It has no relevance to brokerage or sales tax. the linked chart shows the relationship between brokerage, broker relations skill, corp and faction standing before the most recent change. You’ll need to increase the base brokerage from 3% to 5% and the brokerage relations skill bonus from .1%/level to .3%/level. the standings effect is unchanged. I don’t know if anyone has an updated version of the chart.

Since everyone else has given constructive answers:

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