Sale and Broker Fees

I know that the number of items they can sell are limited to 17 but I was going to set my Alpha to put up sale orders, ive done the broker relations skill but am unable to do the accounting skill. currently my sales/brokers fees sit at a eye watering 9.4%.

As I have all the skills I can have on an Alpha I would need to rely on getting corp and faction standings up in order to reduce the % further. Looking at this the only way i can reduce the 5% sales tax is to train accounting (which I cannot do on alpha) or I can reduce brokers fee down to 3% but that still means ill have to pay 8% tax.

That hardly seems worth going through the grind of getting those standings up, is there any other way on an alpha account to reduce those fees (without having to sell from a citadel?).

Or if I bought a months Omega on an alpha and trained the accounting and other trade related skills, would I “keep” some of those skills when I reverted to alpha (I seem to recall reading that you can use up to 20m SP on an alpha (but can only train up to 5m without buying some kind of time.

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no. You only retain skills that are available for Alphas, the rest get locked when you revert.

As an alternative you can set up your sale orders at citadels with market service. That way Broker fee will be only what owner has set (it is also unaffected by skills and standings). For example, near Jita such a citadel can be found in Perimeter - only 1 jump away.

Shameless self plug:

Imo, restricting market PvP ability of alphas might negatively affect ISK velocity (market activity) which is bad for the game.

If you have patience to sacrifice volume sales, you can mark up items higher in under-served areas. Look for where item X isn’t for sale. At least you aren’t paying real money, while you wait.

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@Ms_Steak looks like that may be my only option, i a dubious about markets in player owned citadels as they can pull the plug whenever they want.

@Circumstantial_Evidence - that is an option but with only 17 sales order slots it would be pretty restrictive

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It is restrictive, Alpha status is a fancy way of saying ‘unlimited trial account’. However, you are only limited to running one character at a time… you can make more than one account: log one out, log another in. It’s just a question of how much you feel like managing and keeping track of.

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It would be reputational suicide for anyone to open a public market and then turn around to pull the plug. They wouldn’t gain anything (all the items would just drop and end up getting Asset Safety’d away) and they would just lose all respect from everyone.

ohhh, but it happens :wink: ichooseyou was specially selected to have some difficulties, a while back.

and its come back to bite him… he is giving refunds to anybody who has invested in his little venture since he recently changed to 0% interest.

ill give it a try at a small scale, see what happens

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