Some help with sales and contracts and fees and tax please

I’m not sure if I’m posting this in the right place.

If it does need to be moved, I’ll be happy to do this, but I had to start somewhere and this seemed like the logical place.

So here goes.

First, I should explain that I have a learning disability, namely Dyscalculia, which means that I struggle to get my head around numbers (but you still play Eve Online?! What can I say? I kinda love spaceships …).

The first bit of my question is about how to calculate the tax and associated trading costs involved in selling stuff on the market (and, somewhat predictably, my brain is currently spinning like a neutron star).

I did find a helpful page on Trading on the brilliant Eve University website which gives the following equation for NPC broker fees:

Broker’s fee 5%, -0.3% X Broker relations level, -0.03% X Faction standing −0.02% X Corporation standing

With no skills or standing the broker’s fee is 5%. With broker relations V, the broker’s fee is reduced to 3.5%. With 10 faction and corp (i.e. perfect) standing the fee is further reduced to 3%.

I have L5 Broker Relations and my standing with the station that I’m in is 2.0, which is part of the Caldari State with whom my standing is 3.2.

Based on all of this I think the equation for me becomes:

3.5% -0.096, -0.04 = 3.364%

To work out the brokerage fee on any given sale, and allow for it in the price, I think what I need to do is take the value of what I’m selling and what I want to end up with in my metaphorical pocket (say 100 ISK) and apply the following sum:

100 ISK ÷ 0.9636 = 103.77 ISK (which is the sale price inc. broker fee)

The Eve University page then says …

When an item is sold on the market the seller will also pay sales tax. The base transaction tax is 5% and is reduced by 11% per level in Accounting (2.25% at max skills).

Sales tax % = 5% −0.55% X Accounting level

I have L5 Accounting so I think the sum is:

103.77 ISK ÷ 0.9775 = 106.15 ISK

Does all this make sense?

I had some help from my partner (who’s both much better at maths than me, and highly tolerant of my Eve Online obsession too) while I was writing this but I wanted to ask the forum hive mind just to double-check theat I haven’t ade any glaringly obvious errors, if that’s okay.

The second bit of my question is about contracts.

I have a Miasmos BPO which is fully researched. I have made some BPCs from this that I want to sell via contracts.

I checked the going price on the contracts window and for a 10 run Miasmos BPC the average price was 345,856 ISK. Based on this I’m assuming that the price for a one run BPC should be 34,585 ISK, so I set up a contract for that.


I’m a bit confused about the costs though.

To create a copy of the BPO, costs 1,645 ISK (and I have maxed out industry skills).

On the contact info there is a brokers fee of 23,500 ISK and also a sales tax of 10,000 ISK, totalling to 33,500 in fees. Unless I’m reading it all wrong, that basically I’ll make 1,085 ISK from the sale? (I’m assuming that I get the deposit of 100,00 ISK back upon sale?) Which would suggest that I’ll make a loss of 555 ISK.

How do people make money on selling BPCs? Is it a matter of finding a station where duplication is cheaper? (1,645 ISK does seem pretty cheap to me) or am I doing something wrong? Should I be making only 10 run BPCs (this’d cost me 16,447 ISK to create) to up the selling price?

All help and advice, on either of these two issues, will be gratefully received, thanks.


They really don’t.

The only BPCs I know that people actually make income off of are Capital Component BPC bundles that are sold to lazy nullsec industrialists who want to build bulk Dreads/FAXes on the quick.

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So why are there so many BPCs for sale then? What’s the point of it if the people selling them aren’t making any real money? I don’t get it.

Someone makes too many copies, a newbro who doesn’t know better, someone who just wants to roleplay a “contractor” who peddles BPCs, tons of reasons. Not everyone is doing it for money.

There is a huge unspeakable reality in eve, players produce at a loss because “lel I’m an industrial mogul in eve”.

Many indy pilots subscribe accounts then make stuff and sell to market at so heavily a loss they cannot even plex their accounts. They then talk of billions of isk profit without ever hitting the black once & make pure loss everyday as they refuse to factor plex cost.

In addition to plex another group of players refuse to factor mineral costs as they mined themselves so these are free.

Why do they do this? Who knows but both CCP & other eve players are happy to let them. Infact out of game tools even cater for their reality which exclude monthly plex cost from industrial profit calculators.

Zkill does this for pvp, have you ever heard a f1 null bear talk about his trillion isk killboard but all you see is the odd venture amongst 300+ deeps on a dread kill. Then they talk about the billion isk dread THEY killed, zkill giving 100% of the kill to 300+ people yet strangely not multiplying losses by the people on the kill.

Don’t even try to bring these people back to reality, they’re far too gone beyond the edge to bring back.

There is also T2BPO which CCP gave to pets back in the day, this allows them a steady brain dead passive isk source, you cannot compete in these t2 fields unless it is the minority of items not 100% satasfied by pet production.

You also have to factor that 80%+ of combat losses are “reinbursed” in eve which explains why there is so little expected market movement.

There are some areas of manufacture that can make profit but they are rare.

This is wrong.

T2 BPOs are garbage compared to the Invention system. A T2 BPO can only be used for a single slot job (either building or copying) but Invention can be scaled up with multiple alts and provide you a way to cook T2 ships/modules at a pace that far exceed a BPO.

And here is one of them now, keep chomping them blue pills, Scoots.

Keep living in your fantasy dreamland where the mere existence of a T2 BPO somehow means you are unable to enter and compete in a field of industry. While you sit there pouting like a kid, I’ll be happily participating in T2 industry even without a T2 BPO.

It would be really helpful if I could have some answers on the content of my OP - especially calculating the tax and associated trading costs involved in selling stuff on the market - please.

What are in these bundles please @Scoots_Choco?

Capital ships like Dreads and FAXes require capital components in large quantities to build (they can’t be built straight from Minerals like sub cap ships). So people will make bundles of blueprint copies for all of the components that are needed to construct the capital ship.

The short answer is don’t bother with T1 blueprints, you’ll be wasting your life waiting for 1,000 - 10,000 isk differences.

If you have a bunch of alts with contract slots doing nothing in particular, go for it since you can afford leaving them and their contracts afk for the full 4 week contract duration. But if you’re looking to rely on it as a source of income, it’s not one.

Considering there are no t2 bpos for a gas cloud harvester. Having owned hundreds of t2 bpos, I could only be bothered to build from one. Flipping them is the real isk.

I sell capital BPC kits as part of my business. The original investment is high but the BPOs retain their value if I ever want to exit the business and the kits are extremely profitable. It costs a few thousand ISK to make the copies and they sell for tens of millions with very low transaction fees. Representative sale from my wallet:

2021.01.02 01:10 Contract Sales Tax -150,000 ISK Contract Sales Tax
2021.01.02 01:10 Contract Deposit Refund 300,000 ISK Deposit refunded for completion of a contract
2021.01.02 01:10 Contract Price 30,000,000 ISK Price for accepting a contract
2020.12.31 18:10 Contract Deposit -300,000 ISK Contract Deposit
2020.12.31 18:10 Contract Brokers Fee -211,500 ISK Contract Broker’s Fee

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