Trading and POCO taxes math doubt

If I have the basic trading taxes (3% Broker fee and 5% sales tax), I’m not in an NPC corp (so no npc tax), I (for example) trade in Jita, and considering that I:

-Place a buy order on that product [3% broker tax applied]
-I get the item [no tax]
-I place a sell order [3% bf applied again]
-I sell that product [5% sales tax]

Is it correct to say that I’m the facto paying an 11% tax on my wealth (3*2 + 5) and so I should only consider items that have more than an 11% difference in the sell/buy price ratio?
And if my order is not always fully completed (like 9/10 items sold or bought), don’t I lose more money? Or taxes follow the distributive property of multiplication

A similar thing goes for POCOS. Again, I’m in null sec, my player created corp has a POCO tax of 5%.
i extract (and refine) and export p1 stuff from 4 planets and Import them into a facory planet to refine into p3 and export the finished p3 again to sell it.
So then, am I paying 4 times + 2 that 5% tax or does the tax follow the distributive property of multiplication? or just something else I’m not totally understanding?

Feel free to correct any mistake and I’d be glad if you provided some examples.
Thank you.

Sales Tax is 2%; can be reduced to 1% with Accounting Lv.5
Broker Fee is 3%; can be reduced to 2.5% with Broker Relations Lv.5, can further be reduced to 2% with Corp and Faction standing being at 10 with the owner.

Assuming that you have both maxed skills and standing:

  • Placing a Buy-order will cost [2% broker fee].
  • Your Buy-order is fulfilled.
  • You place a Sell-order; cost is 3% [2% broker + 1% Sales tax (payed in advance)]
  • Items being sold; cost is [Tax already payed].

Assuming that you have neither the skills nor the standing, you’d be charged a max of 8% to buy and re-sell items.

So the lower and upper bounds for Tax + fees are 3% and 5% respectively.

If trading in Upwell structures take special note in this:

Broker Fees will be paid to the station owner. In an Upwell structure with Market Module, this means that this fee is paid to the owners of the structure and is customizable. The Broker Relations skill does not apply on Upwell structures.

As for Planetary Production it somewhat easier, you pay a tax set by the owner of POCO (or if in highsec it’s CorpTax + 5-10%). Assuming, as with your corp, a 5% tax:

  • Import Tax is 5% * 0.5
  • Export Tax is 5%

The cost of Importing is half of that of Exporting, read here.

For market orders at NPC stations the minimum brokerage fee (skills and standing at max) is 2%. Brokerage is charged when the order is placed - there is no refund if your stuff doesn’t sell. Brokerage at player owned markets is set by the owner - skills have no influence.

Sales tax (aka transaction fee) is levied when an item is sold and is always paid by the seller. If your product doesn’t sell, you pay no tax. Sales tax is levied on all transactions whether in NPC stations or player owned markets. Base is 2% can be reduced to 1% with the accounting skill.

There is a small mistake. Broker tax can be taken down to a minimum of only 2%.
Formulae taken from the above website:
Broker tax = 3% - (0.1% x Broker’s Relations Skill Level) - (0.3% x Faction Standing) - (0.2% x NPC Station Owner Standing)
Maximum level on Broker skill level - 5
Maximum standings value - 10.

So a sell order has a lower bound and upper bound of 3% and 5% respectively.
Buy orders have lower and upper bounds of 2% and 3% respectively.
Combining them both station trading would add from 5% to 8% tax based on your skills.

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