Sales Tax Lies

Is Sales tax 2.25% or 3.6% with maximum skills?

The Eve article from 3rd January 2022 states 2.25%
The Eve University article from 22nd November 2021 states 3.6%

My trader alt with max trade and social skills is charged a sales tax of 3.6%

Why is the Eve article incorrect?

I’d appreciate some accuracy. If we mess up in game, we lose billions, our ship, our cargo, our pod and rage quit. Where is my 1.35% on everything my max skill trade has bought?


The ccp support article has never been updated since the tax update in October 2021 Restructuring Taxes After Relief | EVE Online

I even opened a ticket end of November asking to update the numbers on their support article. The answer I got was: soon™ :smiley:

This is the age of plenty, after years of reduced resources.

Has CCP helped themselves by controlling what they say to their customers in this manner? We search for how the game is configured, and we search results that can be decades out of date.

Is it really that hard to structure a knowledge base where the current configuration is documented, and old configuration is removed? If you are a programmer, would your boss just let you code randomly, or would there be some professionalism?

  • Overall strategy of where the game is going
  • Immersion in a consistent Universe design
  • Customer focus
  • Code changes that are peer reviewed, with UAT, and documented
  • Documented code changes that a technical writer integrates into the platform design documentation, user documentation, etc

Imagine if their server infrastructure was documented they way they give documentation to us?

You need to obtain both faction and corp standing in the station you are trading.

that has no bearing on sales tax, only Accounting Skill affects sales tax.
Faction/Corp standing affects the broker fees

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Cheers my mistake, for some reason I thought he was talking about broker fee.

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