Market Fees (Question)

From the Eve Uni site:

Whenever you set up a buy or sell order, you will have to pay the broker fee: 3% of the total order (2.5% at max skills), modified by standings. Whenever each unit gets sold, the seller will pay 2% of the sell price as a sales tax (1% at max skills). The fees show up in the wallet journal as “Brokers Fee” and “Transaction Tax”.

Do you pay broker fees when you buy AND sell or just buy?! Sales tax (transaction tax) only applies when you sell?!



When you sell something on a sell order and when you create a buy order.


Both is right but note this is only when you make orders that aren’t “instant”.

Could you explain that further please.

If you want to test it I suggest buying 100 inits of cheap ammo and reselling then. Also place a buy order for 100 units.

Then once all done, check the journal.

Sure but as Runa said you can attempt to place buy/sell orders and the game will show you the values of tax and brokers fees before actually placing them.

I want to sell an ‘Adaptive Invulnerability Field I’ so I check out the market:
Highest Buy Order: 56,001 ISK
Lowest Sell Order (in station): 127,899 ISK

That means there’s a person in this station asking to buy this module for 56,001 ISK and there’s a person willing to part with this module for 127,899 ISK.

If I want to sell, I have two choices:
Sell it immediately for 56,001 ISK

  • Pay 0% to broker for an immediate sale, and pay 2% in tax (-1,120 ISK) to make 54,881 ISK which is deposited in my wallet immediately.

Place a sell order for 127,898.99 ISK (undercutting the lowest sell by 0.01 ISK)

  • Pay 2.62% (due to skills) to broker (-3,347 ISK) and 2% in tax (-2,558 ISK) to make 121,994 ISK (once the item sells!) I have to wait for my item to sell on the market and hope I’m not undercut.

Buying works the same, just in reverse! An immediate buy doesn’t pay broker’s fee but placing a buy order and waiting to have it filled will have a broker’s fee.


both and it can be lessened by doing things for the corporation. As a jita station trader for now, I’ve done the data centre missions, connections, trade skills and a few caldari navy missions to give myself a nice discount from the original tax.
If this was explained already, sorry, didn’t read other replies.

Ty all for the replies!

Don’t forget that player owned structures have differing broker fee’s, these are unaffected by skills.

Personally I prefer old standby’s like jita. A station owner can lock you out or something no? Denying you your things?

Yah and neh, I convo’d you in game. Market traders as of current and as of pretty much ever have been untouchable. It’s very hard to screw over a trader outside of the trade market windows.

A station owner could lock you out, but he can’t stop an alt docking and getting your stuff unless he locks all the public out. He also can’t stop you trading those items on the market or contract. This is an old eve online problem from back when null outposts were flipped in sov war. It was no biggy getting your assets locked in red station as u just sell em to your attackers or petition ccp to move em.

85% of reimbursements and requests are met from CCP so if you have remote assets needing moved just create a ticket and they will be moved eventually. I’ve always been tempted to just ask for a whole account round up, ie move all my ■■■■ to Jita, anyone had any success with that request?

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Thanks for the information.

pretty sure that’s not how that works. “Lemme go ask CCP to magically teleport my assets to jita, it’s not like haulers exist or anything”

I’m making tons in jita, it will remain the trade hub, no keepstar, etc will take that unless they remove NPC stations. Undercut that one in perimeter all the time and if the price is a low-ball, i’ll just sell at jita cost and it sells.
I did use an injector for finishing some trade skills, broker relations 5, accounting 5, social 5 and connections 4 and training. The tax is miniscule and no 11% is applied to trades as per NPC corp.

If you do it on a bi weekly basis then, no. But CCP will/did move assets after a war flip or if players take a break and their old corp disbands and their old stations flipped.

Please, go ahead and ask CCP to magically move your assets. All those people selling their assets at below jita buy in some remote nullsec system are obviously stupid, why bother fireselling when they could use CCP magic to move their stuff? And why would you even need to use asset safety, you could just rely on CCP magic and then you wouldn’t have to pay the 15% asset recovery fee

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