Who Pays Broker Fees - Buyer or Seller?

I’m so confused about broker fees. I did an experiment today in which I set up a Buy Order for Water. It charged me a broker fee to set up the order. I then sent Water to an alt and sold the Water. It charged the alt sales tax but no broker fees. I repeated the same test using an Azbel player owned structure and a Gallente station. The results were the same (but with different broker fee rates).

When I sell items to another player’s existing Buy Order, it charges me broker fees AND sales tax. What’s going on?

Whoever sets up the order pays the broker fee. Examples:

  • If you set up a sell order to sell something you have, you pay.

  • If you set up a buy order asking for something you want for a certain price, you pay.

  • If you sell something you have to an existing buy order, you don’t pay any broker fees.

  • If you buy something someone is offering on the market, you don’t pay any broker fees.

Sales tax is separate, and always played by the person receiving the ISK, the seller.

Broker Fee is always payed upfront when placing the Buy/Sell order; Sales tax is payed whenever you sell an item on the market by sell order.

This video explained the mistake I was making. I need to use the “Immediate” option.

For a quick buck but less than you possibly want, sure.
but to take time selling something for more than what people are asking, then you’ll want to use a broker.

If you see for example a kestrel selling for 500,000 isk, you may think, ok i’ll sell mine for 499,000 isk.

if you do immediate, then someone could have a buy order wanting a kestrel for 200,000 isk. Thats what you’ll end up selling it for. Where as if you set up a sell order, you can place it at 499,000 isk.

So it really boils down to what you are selling, and if you want to actually try to make a profit, or just get rid of it.

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