Market Place Tax

Just trying to understand this correctly, when I increase the price of my sell order I get charged more tax but there is never a refund of tax that I can see

Tax is all paid up front based on your Sell Order so either you should get a refund or tax should only be paid on sale completion. I really noticed it when I accidently put too my digits in a sell order and lost 200mil (no biggie).

I am moving my sell orders to not use NPC stations and have accounting skill V to reduce tax but I cannot help feeling that CCP is fleecing us.

Makes me want to go out and gank Concord :smiley:

edit can see now this is the Broker tax which still doesn’t sound right.

Brokers fee is charged when you create an order (the cost of the broker creating the order). Paid to the owner of the station/citadel.

Sales tax is charged on the completion of sell orders, only the seller pays sales tax, and it is paid as an item is sold. Paid to NPC.

This article explains the system.

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make a copy of this sheet

and put your skills in and your standings.

note… standings need to be RAW ones. , not modified by skills

They are a government agency, and like all agencies, they only exist to fleece us till our bones are dry.

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