How to use a buy order in the market?

in market i see selling orders and if i want to buy i just click one of them and buy the item but i cant do that in buy orders. Is there any way to use that order or i need to sell in that price to activate it?

If you sell an item and set the time to Immediately, you will automatically sell to the best possible buy order in range (the highest price that is listed in green)

this way m i still paying taxes i think lol

You will always pay tax on a market sale (the seller pays the tax, not the buyer).
By selling “immediately” to a buy order you avoid the Brokerage charges.

Eve is a Brokered market, similar to a commodities market in real life, where goods are offered for sale at prices and people make offers at prices and an agent matches buyers to sellers. The brokerage charge is the payment to the middle man for finding those matches for you.

(and yeah, it’s largely automated in RL markets to, but the brokerage charge goes to the cost of running the technology that does the matching - taxes are taxes).

Correct. Seller always pays the tax. Character that places the order pays the brokerage fee. For sell orders seller pays both brokerage and tax. For buy orders buyer pays brokerage, seller pays tax.

You can create a buy order if you want to buy something and think the sell order prices are too high. Create the order at the price you want to pay. You will need enough ISK to pay the brokerage fee and the escrow - if someone sells to your buy order the money to pay them must already be in your escrow account.

btw i got 300 freedom fireworks and they say they worth 250.000 eatch but in the market their price is about 3.000 eatch. why so much differense? what that price they say they worth means? if i use them i get something else or just fun? i know i m off topic but plz answer

Est price is based on more then just your local region market

This is an event commodity. Prices will start high and then drop like a rock as the market saturates. At this moment, the sell orders range is between 1.01 ISK and 16.990,000 ISK. There are people in Jita willing to buy them for 2,804 ISK.

Bear in mind that the market is dynamic. Prices update continuously.

what happens when i set up a market selling order and i want to modify it by setting lower price? i tried it some times and payed taxes again!!! if i choose a week for the selling order to last do i get broker fee back when time expires?

No. You pay Brokerage charges. These are not taxes, but the cost to the Broker of going through all the matches and orders again. It’s a bit like saying “your painter taxes you for having to paint the house twice because you changed your mind on the colour” - it’s not tax, he charges you for doing the job twice.

The purpose in the game design of charging a brokerage charge for modifying orders (and it’s a third of the initial rate as I recall) is to favour those people that place the right order first time - rewarding those that make good judgements - rather than making it easy for you to “pitch wrong” and keep switching your bet in flight.

Also: the sales tax is something they warn you about up front, but is only taken from your account when the item sells and is based on the price it sold at.

and how can i decrease that brokerage charges? also i have seen that some players choose their sell orders to last a week, so what do they gain instead of longer selling orders?

Brokerage fees = skill related.

Length of sell order = Less time till you have to update your orders if you don’t want to change it

And the standings you have with the NPCs that own the station you are selling in. So if you are regularly selling at Amarr you want good standings with the Emperor Family Academy.

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