Market sales tax should apply to the buyer not the seller

With the market updates, between Brokers Fees at creation, Brokers Fees to update orders, and the sales tax, the margins on items are incredibly thin.

The sales tax should be offloaded to the buyer in this case.

I disagree. Buyers also pay brokers fees and relist fees when they place buy orders. They shouldn’t also bear the cost of sales tax, just because someone put up a sell order that matched their buy order. Sellers pay sales tax. Order placers (buy or sell) pay brokers fees. Order editors pay relist fees.

More complexity is not a good thing.

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Who still uses the market? That is just for suckers.

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Sell your stuff in not Jita. Better margins; problem solved.

Jita is a trap.

Plot twist: they are already offloaded to the buyer in form of higher prices.

The market is poorly named. It is a brokerage. A buy order is a contract with a broker. A sell order is a contract with a broker.

In both cases the person placing the order pays the broker fees and the taxes. The market is not a store.

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