How do Broker's Fees and Taxes Work for item contracts? (NOT ABOUT RELISTING)

Hi just to say it again this is NOT a rage thread about the re-listing rules change.

My question is about how broker fees are calculated. The literal fee itself, not the percentage. There seems to be a minimum brokers fee for item exchange contracts. I know there is a 100 ISK fee for market orders, but I’m talking about item exchange contracts. Here are the details, thanks for any help

I am putting up a BPC for sale in Jita 4-4. I want 275,000 ISK for it. The order screen says that I am to be assessed a 0.6% tax and a 1.65% brokers fee. The window further says that my taxes are 10,000 ISK and my brokers fees are 23,500 ISK.

According to my math, 0.6% of 275,000 Isk is 1,650 ISK, not 10,000 ISK. Questions:

-Do I pay tax on the deposit for the contract (100,000 minimum) as well as the ask price (so 375,000)? Because even with those numbers the tax at 0.6% should be 2250 ISK, not 10,000 ISK

-Is there a minimum for tax for item contracts like there is for market orders?
Is that minimum 10,000 ISK?

-Why is the minimum so much higher than for market orders?

Now on to Broker’s Fees. The windows says my brokers fee at Jita 4-4 is 1.65%. If I assume that I must pay a fee based on the TOTAL contract, including deposit for the contract, that is 375,000 (275,000 ask price + 100,000 minimum deposit). 1.65% of 375,000 is 6187.5 ISK, not 23,500 ISK. Questions:

-Why is the Brokers Fee so much higher than my math indicates? What am i missing?

-Playing with the window the brokers fee is the same 23,500 ISK for ANY ask price all the way from 1,000 ISK up to 3,400,000 ISK, I even tried with a different item (at Jita 4-4, for me at that percentage). Is 23,500 the flat minimum all the way up to a 3,400,000 ISK ask price? (Seems like an odd threshold)

There is likely some obvious thing I am missing, please enlighten me, I hope I explained my questions well. I looked online and saw info on how the percentages are calculated, but not any kind of minimums or info on how the math is done once the percentage is figured. Thanks for any help.

its directly correlation to your skills as well… idk if you seen this or not but this may help you understand a little bit better

There is no up to date formula about contract tax. And it’s obviously, no way related to market taxes.

What I find out for now:

Sale’s Tax
This is 1.0% of the base price with a minimum of 10,000 ISK and a maximum of 100,000,000 ISK. This is deducted at the successful completion of a contract. The skill Accounting decreases the sale’s tax by 0.1% per point, lowering it to 0.5% at level 5. The maximum sale’s tax is also modified accordingly (50M at level 5).

The maximum amount is fixed, so you will never have to pay more than 7.5M + 50M = 57.5M ISK for a successful contract.

For courier contracts, these fees are all 1/10th of the amounts above and Sale’s Tax is omitted.

If someone grabs a courier contract and then fails it the deposit is returned to the issuer along with the collateral.

This is 1.0% of the base price with a minimum of 100,000 ISK and a maximum of 10,000,000 ISK. If the contract is completed this amount is returned. If the contract expires or you delete it you will lose this deposit.

This one is wrong. Base value seams to be 2% and looks like it’s affected by standings and skills just like market broker fee.

Broker’s Fee

This is 0.4% of the base price with a minimum of 10,000 ISK and a maximum of 10,000,000 ISK. This is deducted when the contract is created and is non-refundable.

The Broker Relations skill lowers the broker’s fee by 0.02 % per level so at Broker Relations level 5 you will have to pay 0.3% in Broker’s Fee. This skill also influences the maximum deposit and lowers that accordingly, so at level 5 you have 7,500,000 ISK maximum broker’s fee.

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