How do trading taxes and fees work?

I see the following at the bottom of my wallet window:

Do I understand this correctly to mean that I pay 2.25% in taxes when I sell anything, and also 5% to set up a non-immediate buy or sell order?

For you in that NPC station - yes.

General explanation:

  • Sales (transaction) tax base is 5%. Deducted whenever you sell something for ISK. Accounting skill reduces it by 11% per level.
  • Broker’s tax is 5% base as well. Deducted whenever you set up buy/sell order or public buy/sell contract. Broker Relations skill reduces it by flat 0.3% per level (-1.5% at level 5). Furthermore in NPC station your (unmodified by skills)standings toward faction and corporation that own the station also affect broker’s fee.
  • Broker relations skill and standings mean nothing in player-owned citadels with market service. Broker’s Fee is set by and goes to owner of citadel.

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