Broker Fee Incorrect?

My broker fee on a recently created Jita station trading char with the following:

0.01 Caldari State Faction
0.07 Caldari Navy Faction
Broker Relations IV (0.4% reduction)

Is showing as 3.4% when I create a non-immediate Sell Order in Jita.

I found the following on the Eve website which suggests the fee should be reduced from 3%:

Is the above website incorrect? It’s showing as updated by CCP in 2019. I think my broker fee should be 2.6% with Broker Relations IV. Can anyone explain why it’s showing 3.4%?


EDIT: here is a screenshot:

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Just noticed this appears to be enforced by a minimum broker fee of 100 isk. Where this applies, the % recalculates.

If that is the case the CCP article i linked above needs updating as it only refers to a 100 isk fee for modifying an order, not placing it in the first instance.

100 ISK? That’s just change. If you gonna trade, think bigger.

Broker Fee is calculated off of unmodified Standings; if you hover cursor over the standing, the tooltip ship also display the unmodified standing.

It’s nothing to do with standings, it’s simply the min 100 isk, when i raised the price on the probe auction above the broker fee changed to 2.59%.

The CCP page simply needs updating to reflect this.

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