Broker Fees & Sales Tax Returning player question

Firstly Apologies I’ve been away for a few years, and came back thinking maybe I would do some building like I used to in order to get some isk flowing.

I’ve found that isk is flowing, but out my wallet. What happened with broker fees? It now seems to cost a ridiculous amount to buy bulk quantities of stuff on market and the same to sell or amend your order!

Can someone explain to me what happened and when, as it now seems I am unable to make any decent income due to taxes?



Just stop updating your orders. If you want to update, don’t do it at 0.01 isk but instead at a meaningful variation.

define meaningful variation…? If you have like a bil worth of modules to sell, you’re supposed to just wait 89days for ROI ? Seems counter productive and shitty tbh. I get the whole 0.01 undercutting is a ■■■■■■■■, but waiting up to 90days for a return on investment seems a bit much cos thats what will happen without updating orders?

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You are the one to define it.

No, I sell over 5B of modules per day (average) and I have no issue with this patch.

Again, stop the 0.01 isking. And stop making prediction sales with 0.01 isking in mid, or you’ll ruin yourself.

@Chepi_Murasaki here have a read;

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The patch works well for those who research the market and position their product appropriately. You presumably know how much it cost you to manufacture the product and you should also know how much you’ll be paying in brokerage and taxes. Add the profit margin you are comfortable with. If the market cycle for the product passes through that price, list there and don’t touch it. Unless you enjoy losing money you won’t be lowering your price beyond that point anyway.

If you choose to list at a higher price looking for a windfall, accept that repositioning is expensive and is something you only want to do once - to the floor price you calculated above.

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A sincere thanks to everyone who has responded to my question. I still don’t like this at all, but I’ve just come back after a long time away, so I could still be in the shock phase. I’m happy that 0.01 isking on orders and combatting botting is a thing but the costs with repositioning your BUY/SELL orders still seems excessive to me.

The good thing is that you don’t need to pay it.

you do if you want your things to sell quickly.

No you don’t.

And to be fair you did not need previous to that patch either. It was a self-inflicted punishment you chose to put on yourself, but just like economics it was a chimera.

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TBH I am having a hard time understanding the legitimacy of this broker “fee” that was introduced a couple patches ago. I just started getting into industry and spent MONTHS training an indi toon so I could try to make/sell items. I have all my items listed outside of Jita so the market orders are not overwhelming. I just had to change a price on 11 SFI and it cost me 11,000,000! WTF is CCP thinking with this? You say it is to “combat botting” but CCP are you really that LAZY that you cant fix botting without punishing small time indi guys? It is SO EASY to find botters in Jita, 10 min there and I can find you about 30 botters. These last few patches have shown how much RL greed has corrupted the game all of these “patches” have made playing the game more costly so you could line your own pockets. I’m sick and tired of seeing it and I’m probably going to end my subscriptions on my 4 toons this month.

And on a side note I wont even go into details how pissed I am that after almost a WHOLE YEAR of training my alt into a perfect rorq and nyx pilot you just beat those ships with a nerf bat. I guess CCP shows its greed again becuase people were able to plex their toons with pirate bounties instead of paying CCP another subscription fee. I want my money back for that year of training that is now useless.

You do know that CCP did get cash for that plex?

Still doesn’t change the fact that CCP is making it harder and harder to be able to make isk in game to buy ships and make content. Why pay 40$ a month for a game that makes you train months or years to fly “end game” ships so you can get enough isk to plex or have fun with all for it to get nerfed and now you have millions of skill points that you cannot reallocate without taking a 50% hit on. Do you really think surgical strike patch will make “bloodier fights” like CCP wants or will it have the opposite effect and make people more risk averse?

There’s your problem… its only $14.95 (less if you sub for longer) and there is no “End Game” in Eve, that’s a term for other MMO’s.

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Except 99% of items on the market are so unstable price-wise, an industrialist loses money on the first price adjust they make. With fees nearing 70-80m for items priced at 900m (Barghest for example), you either price it so low, that even anom grinding in high sec nets you more isk/hour, or you just gamble and at that point you might as well just sell it on Hypernet Relay…

For pirate battleships, the profit seems to be in the blueprint, not the hull. I rarely build ships but watch for opportunities like the recent spike in tactical destroyer prices where I did quite well. That’s now over and it’s back to bread & butter items - modules & drones! It doesn’t matter what the flavor of the month is for ships - the stuff people buy to fit them is the same.

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