Broker's Fee Excel Sheet

Hi fellow Capsuleers,

i have an ingame Broker’s Fee in Jita of 2,39%.


However when i calculate my Broker’s Fee based on my stats in Jita:

Caldari State (faction): 2.26
Caldari Navy (corp): 5.12
Broker relations: 5

using this Formula:

=0.03-(0.001Broker relations)-(0.0003Caldari State Faction)-(0.0002*Caldari Navy corporation)

i get:

0.023298 aka 2,3498%

Can someone please enlighten me?

Thanks in advance

Happened to me too with lower broker skills, that percentage didn’t match my calculations in excel neither, I had to recalculate it with a formula in excel, and it matched everything, just if 100% is this, which exact percentage is this?

Then I got a different percentage, but accurate.

What formula did you use?

Basically if you’re selling an item for 500k that’s the 100%, just try to sell and you watch the price it’ll be sold, in the broker’s fee you see a quantity, that’s the “hidden” percentage, so let’s say you’re trying to sell that item for

2,400,000.08 - 100%
57,422.68 - Which percentage?

57,422.68 * 100 / 2,400,000.08 = 2,392611586912947

So it’s not an exact 2,39%, it has more numbers and that makes the calculations go wild.

The goal is of course to calculate a clientless net margin. There is no need to calculate the exact fee ingame, because it is already accurately shown in the sell menue. To two decimal places that is. I am still not convinced i am using the correct formula. How is it possible that after so many years the theoretical broker’s fee calculation is off by such an amount? 2,35% (rounded up) vs. 2,39% is not a small amount. You cannot explain this by rounding errors.

Hmm your formula looks right.
Are you sure that you are using the right standings?

The formula uses unmodified standings so you have to keep in mind that if you have the Connections or Diplomacy skills that you need to take the raw number before modifications by those skills.

Here is the formula I use:

That’s probably the issue. If you mouse over your standing the tool tip should show your unmodified standing. My 8.23 caldari state standing that shows up on the character sheet is really 7.99 unmodified with connections 3.

I put in the formula with my base standings and it matched my in game results.

Am I reading this right and you cannot get below 2.00% tax?

2% brokers fee is the minimum in an NPC station, in a citadel the owner can set the brokers fee, there’s a minimum of 100 isk, but most of the ones I’ve seen have been between 0.1% and 0.5%

sales tax is 1% minimum with skills

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