Market Selling and Me

Be Me
Have no isk
Get blessed by Loot Fairy
Rush to market to sell my stuff
anxiously open market browser and select my item
OH CRAP…Gonna make a killing on this loot
OH Crap… denied market sale
I have not enough isk
No sale for me
Be me

So if you have no isk, you can’t sell your stuff to make isk? I am pretty sure this is a Jerry Seinfeld episode.


The seller always pays the sales tax - between 1% and 2% depending on your accounting skill. The player who places a buy or sell order always pays the brokerage fee.

Run some missions or clear some anomalies for bounties. It isn’t hard to earn enough ISK to pay the sales tax - even if your loot is worth billions.

Yes I understand how it works.

But this is a game afterall and the rules are set by the Dev’s.

The broker could be paid at the Point of Sale not the Point of Listing. Just like the tax.

Incorrect - brokers get paid when they do the work, which is when they place your order. After all, your order may simply expire if you’ve priced it incorrectly. You’re looking for an easy button - if Eve has one, it’s well hidden!

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