Is there somewhere I can download a full list of all NPC-sold BPOs, preferably with prices? I know of several webpages with a searchable list, but I’m looking for something that can be downloaded for use in a personal spreadsheet.



if seeded is true then the bpo is seeded by NPCs.

Thank you. That’d definitely get me there eventually with a lot of heavy editing to remove all the extra information, but is there a more concise list anyone knows of?

make it yourself ?

Sure, that’s the option I’ll go with if there isn’t a pre-existing resource. I’m just checking before I go bothering to re-invent the wheel.

So you are expected that someone needed only the bpos name and price when they are seeded, so he made this list himself ?

Most likely that person needed other informations …

Go to Blueprints category. That will show all the market available ones, and their current going rates.


you know guys… if you dont know the answer, just stay enigmatically silent.
so you can create impression you are “wise”



so let me guess your next step…
you gona write script to pull data from https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/blueprint/ for each bpo,
specificallly cell Profit isk/hr
you want to sort results and produce Most Profitable T1 item…


That would be a very bad idea. I was doing it at first and then realized the major flail in the algorithm : there are a lot more costs than the hours. Especially the invest cost of BPOs and the invest cost of frozen isks. Also sometimes launching a 2min job is not such a good idea as it seems :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried this and ended up creating a lots of moon ore crystals before realizing he margin were so low that I needed 10s of B and all my industry slots on the job to create the simulated M/h

What I do now is I have a fixed margin value (let’s say 10%) that I add to the total cost of producing and selling the item.
eg if material + industry +bpo invest + hauling cost is COST, with a 5% tax on the sale, that means the real cost of the item is COST/(1-5/100)/(100-10).

I guess I should increase the margin with the delay to sell items, eg 10% per day (ie / (1-10/100)^days ), but the evaluation of delay to sell is another challenge. Also need to take into account the hostility of the market, that is all the people that undercut me and how many times I need to connect to reset my orders (often it’s 0, I just don’t care if they cut me)

That being said, you don’t need a script to fetch information for each bpo. You can make a script to make a csv file of the bpos and their requirements, load that csv in a spreadsheet, make another csv with the informations of the materials/items to get all the prices from eg evemarketer (one web service call can fetch IIRC 150 items ?).

By having the csv files imported into two dedicated sheets you don’t need to rewrite formulas whenever the blueprints data changes.

Thank you very much, Sisjan.

It took some very minor editing to remove the T2 ships and a few non-seeded BPOs, but it was much quicker than any other method I had yet.

For future seekers - here is the edited down version:


What is bpo invest? If you mean bpc then sure. Bpos are different beast that can’t be really estimated this way.

No, I mean bpo.
eg it’s not the same invest to use a 6B pharolux 10/20 bpo or to use a 1M(actually less) small hull rig 0/0 bpo.

That means that if both are worth the same total isk at the end(including cost, margin, etc) you should select the small hull before the pharolux.
If you don’t take the price of the BPO, the price of research, into account, then you decide to make errors.

It’s not a “cost” per se, it’s the translation of an investment into a cost. That’s why I wrote “bpo invest” and not “bpo cost”.

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