Saving Private BPO

So I’m browsing the market for BPO and notice something rather interesting: most if not all the tier2 bpo’s aren’t being sold. The demand is there but there are no sellers.
I then checked in the Contracts window and… nothing.
Where are the tier2 bpo’s and how does one buy one?

I’ve bought them most of them. Sorry.

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Most BPO are sold here.

They were given out through research agent lotteries during the first few years of the game. They haven’t dropped for over 15 years now (there were a few stragglers in 2006, but most were handed out even before then). They aren’t being sold on the market because there’s a finite number of them in existence.


The proper way to get T2 blueprints is to invent copies from their T1 variants. T2 BPOs are a leftover from a very old system and prettymuch considered collector items at this point.

As for why there are all these blank market categories, I have no idea.

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You’re an EVE onto yourself.

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If you have to ask, you probably don’t have the hundreds of billions needed to acquire one

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I forgive you.


So only a certain number of players have Tier2/Tier3 bpo’s… so much for Advanced Industry.

Wonder how much skills/isk/bpo’s it would take to create one… got to be Omega also.

Yeah that pretty much settles the issue, :laughing:

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I was wondering about tier3 also. Is it the same story as tier2’s?

Invention is a fairly simple and inexpensive process. Pretty much everyone can do it. In fact, most T2 production today is done from prints created through invention, as the amount of active T2 BPOs in the game is very small due to gradual destruction and active owner atrophy.

Many T2 items never even had BPOs, as they were released after the lotteries ended. The T2 battleships are a good example of this. There are no T3 BPOs for the same reason.

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@Destiny_Corrupted Thanks for the info.

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