Invented a Cheetah BPC. Sell it or build it?

Hi all,

Returning player here, with an Omega account, and a small net worth. One of my favorite things to do in EVE is exploration, and I also like the idea of invention, which seems to mesh well with exploration. I’ve had fun learning the basics of invention, and I’ve just produced my first T2 BPC – a Cheetah with 4 runs and 3% ME. I figured I might as well make something I might use for exploration.

But now that I have the BPC, I’m wondering if I’d be better of selling it and just buying a Cheetah. I have decent market skills, but even so it would cost me 25m or so to build a Cheetah that I can buy for the same price. With 4 runs, I suppose I could build and sell four for a small profit, but that seems like a large amount of work for a profit that I make every day just trading. What do most newbie inventors do with their inventions?

Also, I’m a bit uncertain about how to sell things via contracts, but I can read about that here. I’m all ears if anyone wants to provide guidance on that!

I’m going from memory here, so this won’t be perfect, but… Click on BPC, select create contract. Set to Item Exchange and make it a public contract. Click Next.

Put in the amount you want for the BPC in the “I will receive” box. Click next and you’ll get to a summary of the contract. Make sure everything is correct and then Click on Finish (or something similar) and done.

That said: just build and sell the ships. BPC for T2 ships sell for very little because research is fairly easy and a lot of players do it.

Generally, you make more that way than just selling the BPC. But double check using eveprasial… sometimes you’d lost money


Thanks for your reply. I’ll look at my profit margin for manufacturing the ships. My back-of-the-envelope calculation show a small margin – maybe 3m per ship, depending on how much luck I have finding all the components.

One nice thing about building them is that I could keep one or two for myself.

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I’ve been doing quite a bit of this out in high-sec - the profitability of building T2 ships (or modules) really depends on the price you pay for the raw materials (seems obvious when I say that).

If you are in a location where you have access to the right moon goo to make the basic reactions that then form the compound reactions that form the materials for mods then profits can be decent.

However if you are having to buy the materials to build the components I have found that regional markets are typically priced too high to enable any marginal profits.

Mileage may vary and of course if you are able to do this in Jita great you get good pricing and can sell back but if you dont want to do it in Jita then in my opinion it can be a lot harder

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