Wts 2000+ T2-T3 Bpcs


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So i use to do A massive amount of Inventing and building etc. I dont have the RL time any more to manage markets etc. So i figured i would try to sell the whole lot all at once in 2 massive contracts because it wont all fit in a single contract. I have some more in another station that i havent add to the list. I’ll get to it in a few days or do a sperate sale I know there is some Jackdaw bpcs and Firblog T2 bpcs Around 50 of the firblogs and like 5-10 Jackdaw bpcs 22 runs each @ 3% Me.

There are T2 Ammos, Ships, Mods, Pretty much a little bit of everything and a lot of others things depending on what was needed at the time. When i was in full production mode i had 4 toons inventing and building.

I had to create a new google doc so you guys could see what i’m selling…Lmao. 2 contracts because eve says there is just shy of 2400 bpcs.

Accepting offers. If i dont find a good offer i’ll just let it keep rotting in my hanger. :smiley:

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Bump. :slight_smile:

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What would you class isk wise as a respectful offer?

I’m interested but don’t want to offend you with a crap offer.

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Tbh i have no idea of a price tag.

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Why would you put it all into a word document and not a spreadsheet?

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Was being lazy. This was a quick copy paste and move on deal. .

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Well lemme start you with 2b v0v

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Equally unsure what to bid… is there an easy way to value mass bpcs?


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I’ll go 3b!

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