Looking for a bulk buyer

There is WAY too much to list, ships, T-1 mods collection from missions but the value of the reprocessing alone is saying it is worth 1,394,000,000 billion, me I just don’t want the trouble of dealing with it, I cannot move it (in high sec 0.9) to Jita, simply too much stuff, so my proposal is this, I’d like someone to buy, trade plex, or trade Tritanium with as follows:

1,050,000,000 idk
400 plex
175,000,000 Titanium

So before someone goes ape and says it’s a scam or thinks it, my history of contracts speaks for itself, I don’t play eve for the profits necessarily but for the entertainment and have a goal in mind.
If you’re interested in a deal send me an eve mail I’m in game now.

Contract it to Kiloalpha for 1billion isk

if retract same here I’ll be happy to deal with it

Awaiting a current offer, if doesn’t come thru I will put the contract up as a general open contract.

Also if someone is willing to look at a boat load of T-2 stuff, I can contract that up it says it’s worth 2.3+ billion, willing to burn it for 1.9 billion.

Did you contract that stuff to me ? As I don’t see the contract

The T-2 stuff, the other was sold earlier, I had to wait for the guy for a while, RL stuff I think.

This is bulk? This is my scraps…

All finished for now, sold much and am done with the selling, oi, a day trader I am not.

You make absolutely no bloody sense

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