WTS Data/relic items in Bulk

Greetings Pilots o/

im rather new to eve and trying to make coin by exploring. since its a real pain in the a** to go through every item one by one on the marketplace, i figured i ll try to find some craftsman that need it on here.

Current cargo looks like this Appraisal TsaeFf @ Jita 4-4 split: 1,234,259,047.50 ISK | Janice
items are located in jita, im willing to sell for 100m off, 1.1b in total

fly safe o7


If you are OK with 1.0B, you can contract to me.

thanks for your offer, but that would leave me with less than i would get selling it on the market with taxes. 1,1b is a ~140m discount, not trying to haggle here, its a set price.

Ps.: if you are looking only for specific items i ll give you a 5% on them based on the current market value

updated item list in stock:

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