WTB Some goods SANSHA States take a look

(sasha alexa) #1

(sasha alexa) #2

The number has been marked
Give me the contract directly
Update information in real time

(sasha alexa) #3

All reasonable prices will be accepted as soon as possible

(Dave Argon) #4

Where dyou buy ? How much each?

(sasha alexa) #5

in jita
how much each i also dont know
Market price up or down
Because there are too many kinds
Can only see what is the item
Discuss prices in detail

(sasha alexa) #6

I must have the highest price
Please contact me

(Dave Argon) #7

Sorry, can’t deliver at Jita. Good luck

(sasha alexa) #8

It’s ok
Other places can also
how many you have?

(sasha alexa) #9

(sasha alexa) #10


(ISD Norros) #11

Please do not Bump a post more than once per calendar day as per the rules of this forum as quoted below.

(sasha alexa) #12

understand o7

(sasha alexa) #13

Still looking

(Jason Flamerad) #14

How much would you offer for the torp launchers?

(sasha alexa) #15

Specific do not know
But I think I can afford your price lol

(sasha alexa) #16

Which transmitter do you have?
and how many you have ?

(Jason Flamerad) #17

Lol let me get back to you on that this weekend if that is ok

(sasha alexa) #18

I will wait for you

(Jason Flamerad) #19

ok thank you sorry

(sasha alexa) #20

Still looking