Balancing books 6 of 10 Market Ripoff

Frustrated that people are selling computer tracking 1 for 29m isk and i only have one mil isk and i need it for my mission… Seriously, can they lower the price for this?



just use Jita

what’s Jita? I’m in the market trying to buy a Computer Tracking 1 module

It’s EVE Online’s biggest shopping center.

Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

how do you get to it? i’m looking on the list and don’t see it.

you need to travel to the system Jita and find the structure on Planet 4, Moon 4 called “Caldari Navy Assembly Plant”

Why would they? You need the item, why would they want to give it to you for less than the maximum possible amount of ISK they can extort from you?

Or Amarr, or Hek, or Rens.
There are many places you can buy thibga. Cheaply.

Use a 3rd party Eve Market app to find the best prices in-game.

This app shows Dodixie IX - Moon 20 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant in Gallente space has the lowest priced Tracking Computer I in high sec selling for 9999 ISK

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Or simply buy blueprint (your career agent station should sell them) and make one yourself.

btw. I’m happy you learned your first market PvP lesson.


Damn, i was hoping she would go to jita and buy one of mine :frowning:

I went to Jita and bought one for 770,000 isk… yikes


What are you talking about?

Edit: OP has a fundamental misunderstanding of how EVE Online works or how to play it and I don’t believe I can help him. lmao, good luck, dude.

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Dont forget to sort by “lowest price first” :smiley:

OP, I wonder if you bought the wrong computer. Tracking Computer I is dirt cheap in Jita, as are the meta variants, Tech I and meta RemTCs are also dirt cheap, did you accidentally buy a (lowballed) tech II variant? Storyline/faction TCs are far too expensive to be 700k.

i’m new to the game bro relax i’m still learning… Don’t be salty.


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be sure to sort prices by lowest price first. Also, make sure that availability isn’t limited to station or system so that you can see all orders in a region.