Where are the pilots buying their Ships from?


I am a returning player and back between 2012 and 2015, a high volume of ships was being purchased from HEK and AMARR and JITA.

Today however, I have over 70 sell orders of popular ships in Jita and Amarr, that I babysit them and make sure they are always at the lowest selling price, yet no one seems to buy them after around 15 days of waiting. These ships used to sell like hotcakes. I even tried the new popular ships such as Gila and Vexory Navy and many others but nobody is buying them from the trade hubs even at lowest prices!

What has changed in the past 3 years and where are all the pilots buying their ships from?

Null sec became way too self-sufficient.

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To answer your question, I’m buying in Jita. Actually I would expect Gilas to sell well in Jita, ~500 are being sold every day to sell price mostly. Maybe you babysit the wrong timezone. Amarr is still OK but the other former hubs are dead. Everything consolidated to Jita, Amarr, and of course Delve.

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the table shows the aggregate volume traded including buy and sell, how do you know 500 are sold to sell price?

Because the median day price is shifted towards the sell price. The opposite you can see with PLEX.

Yes that tells you that the majority of the transactions are sell orders but that doesn’t tell you that 500 ships are being sold using sell orders per day. Thank you for letting me know you are still a jita shopper.

Should I consider moving to nullsec to achieve the same level of trade activity I was used to in 2015 in hisec? What is the “jita” of nullsec?

Indeed it does, not all but most transactions are people buying directly from sell orders.

If you want to trade in nullsec, join goons. There is no public option anymore, since nullsec outposts were converted to citadels.

How can you mathematically make the inference that 500 ships are being sold by sell orders just by looking at the median line? What equation yields the value 500?

Because there is nothing else than buy orders and sell orders, and the price gap between. The minimum value is the buy price, the maximum is the sell price. If then the median price of executed transactions is like the maximum price, this indicates people are buying at sell price. That means click buy directly from sell order stock.

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I’m only a few days in, but have to agree just from my experience here in Dodixie. So painfully slow.

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First you can check in which region the specific item of your interest is being traded most:

Average daily trades of “Gila” per region (averaged across 30 days; link)

Next you can check the top trade hubs in that region what the A4E trade tracker picked up as trade traffic for that item.

Remember that this is only a minimum of what A4E picked up by comparing the order books every 10 minutes. This is not CCP data. However it gives you an indication together with the CCP region trade metric how much is going to buy or sell orders. And if this is within this trade hub or another.

A4E trade metrics for Jita 4-4 on 01-11-2018 (link)


thanks. i am aware of this. As you can see the percentage of ships sold in jita 2018 vis-a-vis EVE population is way lower than it was in 2015. Pilots are buying elsewhere. The situation is even worse for amarr. Hek and rens are dead.

What are the most crowded nullsec systems? Is there a tool to find them?

IDQ1-A is the only answer you need to know.

Total market value of Delve is 2/3rd of Amarr (Domain) and all concentrated in 1DQ1-A.

  1. Join Goons
  2. List PVE ships in the Keepstar in 1DQ1-A
  3. …
  4. Profit
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Thank you! And what is the safest to get your assets to that station? Goon services? And how do i join goons?

Google Karmafleet. Put an alt in there.

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Here’s the short answer, you ain’t sellin’ the right ships man. If you ain’t sellin’ carriers, dreads, sooper doopers or titans, you ain’t sellin’ nuthin’.

i forgot how the corp tax rate impact gameplay. Does the %15 tax rate of karmafleet affect trade transactions of members?

The corp tax rate applies to bounties. You will pay the normal 1-2% transaction tax plus whatever brokerage fee GSF charges. In Nullsec, you may be better off building doctrine fits and selling them on contract.

I personally do business in the small highsec hubs. Volumes are much lower but so is competition and prices are higher. There is no need to babysit orders - I adjust my prices twice a day and stuff sells.

I do not do business in null because your have to be (boring) fair to corp members, but the best profits and fun come from exploiting others’ laziness and ignorance. Hence I stick to Jita. Corp tax only applies to bounties.

EDIT: in general ships have a rather small profit margin due to many people in that market. I used to produce capital mods, fighters, and other high end stuff for profit in the last two years. Usually with 50 to 100% margin, which made me tons of ISK. The margins are down now, but I think there is still money in it.

Is it true that Hulls do not sell well in nullsec because players prefer ready-fitted ships using contracts?