Vexor Navy Issue

(de Obliviator Preon) #1

Is it actually profitable to sell VNIs? If it is, then where?

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(Nora Maldoran) #2

Well… that depends, right?
What is your investment to aquire a VNI and for what price could you sell it in what place? Do you need to spend money to get it there, decreasing the profit?

We probably can’t answer that for you, but there are sites like which can tell you where an item is sold and bought for how much. That might help calculating, I guess.

(de Obliviator Preon) #3

Buying blueprints. Is there a BPO for it?

(Scipio Artelius) #4


BPCs are available from the loyalty points store for Fed Navy.

BPOs aren’t available for any of the military variants (VNI, Scythe Fleet, Omen Navy, Caracal Navy, etc.). They all start as BPCs from the loyalty store.

(de Obliviator Preon) #5

That’s depressing.

(Scipio Artelius) #6

If you hate running missions (so, yes for me it is depressing).

If you like running missions/plexes though, I think the conversion rate from LP to ISK for VNI BPCs is ok.

If you look on contracts, the BPCs will be available for purchase.

(de Obliviator Preon) #7

Well, then there’s that thing called Gallente Militia that gives you tons the amount of LP.

(Jaquan Wessette) #8

And it’s from what I recall the only way to make Isk out of that business. Militia LP stores sell faction ships BPCs for a fraction of what you’d need to pay elsewhere. They also require less tags to get them without paying ISK. However flying to Jita as a member of Gallente militia is a royal pain in the rear and you are under constant wardeck against Caldari and Amarr Militia. So it isn’t a thing I’d do with my main toon.

On a side note you can also sell VNI BPCs via contracts to bypass the building part. They generally accepted to cost around the price of finished VNI due to BPCs ease of transport since most of those ships will likely be used to farm rats in Sov Null anoms.

(de Obliviator Preon) #9

I don’t fly to Jita and despise Caldari. Worst place to sell stuff, too much competition.

(Jaquan Wessette) #10

Fair enough. You might try Amarr then. You should be able to earn around 45M Isk of pure income by building and selling hulls directly there. Although if you’re really want to make Isk on Fw I’d take a look at other hulls. Might produce more ISK/LP

(Keno Skir) #11

Yes. Though when you buy them they have to be normal Vexors. Soon as you rename them to Vexor Navy Issue they essentially become VNI’s for the purposes of a trade window exchange.

Looking at about 500% profit minimum.

(de Obliviator Preon) #12

Wh you the **** would I want to do Amarr? I asked for VNI. VNI. Is it in Amarr tech tree? No.

(Sabriz Adoudel) #13

And this is why I never use the trade window

(Scipio Artelius) #14

I think he meant, try Amarr trade hub, as opposed to going to Jita.

I’ve always found Dodi to be good for VNIs personally, but Amarr is a good choice too.

(de Obliviator Preon) #15

Thanks for the explanation there. One thing that depresses me, why Amarr? What, is there more people in there? But wouldn’t that mean that there’s also more competition? I mean I like Dodixie’s numbers, 200-500 people in local, usually. It is a balanced rate of competition. I don’t see a point at doing it, unless Amarr trade hub has prices around 9-100 mil, which is a good price, but experienced people will look it up and see that they can buy VNI for cheaper price in Dodixie.

(Scipio Artelius) #16

Amarr is the second largest trade hub and while it is a long way behind Jita, it’s still a fair bit in front of the others.

So yes, you’ll have more competition, but also more buyers and the velocity of your ISK through Amarr will be faster than in other trade hubs (including Dodixie in general).

How fast your ISK moves is just as important as your final selling price.

For example, if you can sell 1 of something for a 20 million ISK profit in Dodixie per day, but can sell 3 of them at 10 million profit each per day in Amarr, then you still make more profit by selling in Amarr, just because your ISK moves faster by the goods selling at higher volumes.

So it’s not all about price. It’s also about how long it takes to sell things and the more you can turn over your ISK, the more profit you can make in the same period of time, even if you are making less profit per item.

Those figures above were just plucked from thin air. They aren’t the real margins, so you’d need to check that first.

(Nora Maldoran) #17

Don’t underestimate the laziness of the masses.
Most won’t fly very far just so save a few million if they don’t need larger amounts of a thing.

Populated trade hubs like Amarr and Jita just tend to have more turnover than lesser populated - which is better for selling/buying quickly. But the margin tends to be smaller. That’s not always true of course and depends strongly on the product.
If you don’t need to sell quick, lesser populated hubs are as good as any.*

*E.g.: When you have already maximized your VNI production and don’t depend on the money from the sales to keep it going.

(de Obliviator Preon) #18

I don’t gat your point about selling 1 unit per day for 20 million in Dodixie whilst selling 3 for 10 in Amarr. This is stupid. Since my area of work will be in Gallente, it will be unprofitable. I would spend half my play time hauling units from one place to another. And my production-sell rate would technically be the same, which would mean your idea has totally failed. Thirdly, out of what you said I can analyze that this would mean a fall in prices in Dodixie, since production rate is higher than buy rate, and increase in price in Amarr, since you can’t really keep up with your orders.

(Jaquan Wessette) #19

Well I suggested Amarr since currently it’s the place where you can sell VNI for the most. At least according to tools I used to check the market. Also overall production cost (Including Shadow Serpentis Crystal Tag for BPC in GalMil LP store) is lower than in Jita. Whatever you choose to do I have to advice against selling this ship in Dodixie. They sell there for roughly 10M less than anywhere else. Not much od a surprise considering GalMil seems to be holding well.

Btw don’t haul hulls. Haul Blueprints and build ship close to station you’re selling it at. It’s faster that way.

(de Obliviator Preon) #20

Jaquan_Wessette, my allegiance is to the democracy! (Star Wars: The Revenge of the Sith)
You messed it up with Vexor. VNI is Vexor Navy Issue and they can’t be sold for 10- million ISK. I will not sell them at the house of my enemy, because from what you said, I was able to analyze that it’s improfitable.